London will hold more American football match.

The NFL has announced with England rugby union become partners, the partnership agreement includes starting next October 3

years in London cheap nfl jerseys, wacker’s stadium to hold at least three games.It will be held in site for the first time,

in addition to wembley London games cheap nfl jerseys supply.
“We are committed to continue to develop the sport in the UK and believe will wake’s stadium to join London site list

further proves that our determination.”The NFL for international affairs, executive vice President Mark – Waller (Mark

Waller) said in a statement.”We are very excited for the fans in the another to attract loyal and enthusiastic fan is famous

for its world-class venues in the opportunity to enjoy the NFL game.”cheap nfl jerseys china
The evaluation of the mixed American fans for London.Some people like to kick off in the morning, and the development of

football in England potential, but many people don’t like the team to lose at home instead of going to London neutral

venue.But the NFL is undergoing expansion in London.Next season will be held at wembley for at least 2 games, held in wake’s

stadium in game 1, the NFL since 2018, a year at tottenham hotspur’s new stadium will be held at least two matches cheap nfl

jerseys from china.
The NFL distance look was still far short of the team moved to London, but regardless of the fans like it or not, the NFL

may soon be held in London a year eight games.